Poker Central and NBC Sports Continue Their Contract till 2020

Poker Central & NBC Sport

Have you been desperately aching for poker to be shown far more often on television, well, then be over the moon because NBC Sports has announced that their contract with Poker Central will run until 2020. NBC has agreed to air three major tournaments hosted by Poker Central, namely the Super High Roller Bowl, the US Poker Open and the Poker Masters Tournament. Weekends are going to become a whole lot more committed to the TV screens for many enthusiastic poker fans who have not been able to watch poker oh their home television as yet.

More on How the Extended Contract Will Work

The NBC Sports app will facilitate that live news feeds is streamed directly through to the app for NBC and does not require subscribers to go to another channel or website in order for them to watch poker games. Dates and scheduling details have yet to be confirmed. However, more information will be released as soon as possible. The NBC Sports President saw that viewers really enjoyed the extreme risk involved with poker and felt that by continuing the partnership that NBC and the viewers themselves would both be far better off by watching Poker Central content.

The way that Poker Central began the contract with NBC is a fairly simple, around April of last year. And then in May, there was a Super High Roller Bowl to the value of $600 000. The person who won the Super High Roller Bowl last year was the German individual named Cary Kats, who won the $100 Super Bowl High Roller Tournament. He walked away with over $100 000 worth of prizes and money and after the many, many hours of preparation and hard work as well as holding down the poker chips led to Cary becoming the champion of the Super High Roller Bowl championship.

If you’re worried about waiting months and months for your favorite TV channel to show Poker Central then you’ll be pleased to know that the inserts begin this Saturday. A sneak peek into a couple of the shows includes No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha and the Mixed Championship. All of these shows are being aired on different time on NBC Sports channel so if you don’t initially know what to do with yourself while you are waiting to watch, rest assured that Poker Central will soon be back to bring your life back into a good space and with the most awesome TV programs around.