Phil Galfond’s Run It Once Poker Site Launches Public Beta


More than two years after announcing his plans to launch a new, player-focused online poker platform, Phil Galfond, one of the most popular personalities in the high-stakes online poker community, has finally unveiled the Beta version of his Run It Once Poker site. Named after Phil’s Run It Once blog, the new online poker site is meant to be “a fair, honest, transparent poker site”, traits that are lacking in so many of the existing online poker platforms on the internet. To ensure that this ambition was achieved, the online poker star has partnered and hired people who understand the goal of the project.

Galfond and his team have made a lot of progress since the idea of the site was conceptualized over two years ago but they are still focused on delivering the best possible quality in the industry. This has been the justification behind the delays that we saw over the course of last two years – the original launch date of the site was meant to be in early 2017 but this did not come to be and the launch date was moved forward to the summer of 2018 which did not materialize as well.

Now that it has finally been launched, poker players from all around the world can now enjoy some real money poker action. It is, however, worth noting that since the Run It Once Poker site is still in “public beta” there are bound to be issues with the software. Until all of these issues have been resolved and the platform is, as Phil Galfond puts it, “nearly flawless” it will remain in the public beta phase. It should not be long until this happens as the company is working round the clock to make improvements and integrate even more features that will make the gaming experience even better.

The Features

Phil Galfond’s claim that the Run It Once Poker site would be revolutionary was very bold – fortunately, the company has managed to deliver this by offering a pure poker experience with player-focused business models. One of the most exciting features in this regard is referred to as Splash the Pot and it is a totally different kind of loyalty program that awards random prizes instead of relying on wagered amounts to award active players. In essence, the system has been designed to equally reward both high rollers and casual players while at leaving no rewards unclaimed.

There is also the SteamR Rewards Systems that is meant to encourage more of the poker players to stream their games in order to stand a chance at winning rewards which are given in a tiered structure. For instance, players who stream their games will be given 50 percent net rakeback if they manage to achieve a monthly minimum of 200 watch hours.

That is not all though. Phil Galfond has promised that even more innovative features will be coming to the platform in the near future. So, stay tuned!