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Shock For Online Players As WSOP Remove Chat Function


Online gamblers were left conflicted over the weekend as it was revealed that the website that hosts the WSOP online bracelet series has removed the chat function from the website. WSOP.com seemingly made the decision over the weekend, but didn’t give an update to fans regarding why the function is no longer available, and whether this is part of their long-term plan.

It will come as a huge disappointment for players, with the online bracelet series getting underway in the near future. The function enabled players to talk to one another while the game was taking place. But, now it would seem as though players will not be able to communicate while the game is in-play. Some fans have argued that it will have a negative effect on the experience that the players will be able to have.

Fans Take To Social Media To Voice Concern

The lack of chat function was seen by many players this past weekend, and they immediately took to social media to voice their concerns. Gamblers were looking for answers regarding whether the function had gone, but it would seem as though the website were not yet willing to give up any reason regarding why the function was not available. The website refused to engage with fans looking for answers, and instead stayed silent over the entire weekend.

Instead, many players were simply told that it was a ‘managerial decision’, which means that there could be an extended break from the chat function during games on WSOP.com. The customer support channels also admitted that they don’t know yet how long the function will be down for, with some even predicting that it could be down indefinitely. Players have already voiced their concerns that there is no chat, with some questioning whether the experience that they have will be hampered with the function not being available.

WSOP Decision Has Rocked Poker World

Players were left bemused by the decision over the weekend, and claimed that the timing of the decision was also strange, with the bracelet series already appearing in the near future. The lack of clarity has left some fans more frustrated than anything else, as they would just like to know how long the chat function being disabled could last for. However, there have been many rumours circulating online that the chat being disabled could have something to do with worries the WSOP have over the upcoming event.

There isn’t much longer to wait for poker players as the first event of the series will get underway on the 1st July. It is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year, with players often looking forward to playing in the bracelet series, while viewers also tune in from around the world to watch the action unfold too.

However, a future update regarding what will be happening with the chat during the event will be made in due course. Fans of poker will be hoping that the event will still go ahead as originally intended, as the World Series of Poker was also postponed until the end of the year.