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PokerStars Create Landmark Event To Bring Together Poker And Sport


Gamblers around the world are typically attracted to both sports betting and the casino, and now one of the leading casinos in the world is looking to combine both of the aspects. PokerStars have revealed that their Stadium Series this year will bridge the gap between the casino and sportsbook, and it promises to be one of the most exciting online tournaments of the year.

Players will be able to compete in the online competition for a reported $50 million, and there will be 102 MTT’s in what is set to be one of the most unique structures that has been seen online Players will not need to wait much longer as the action will get underway on the 5th July. There will be a difference for players however as the daily tournament will instead lead to finales that will take place over the weekend.

PokerStars Unique Event Bridges Gap Between Sport And Casino

The event promises to be one of the most exciting for players, but they should be aware that there is three categories. These are titled low, medium and high. These categories will increase every week, which means there will be a higher buy-in as time goes on. For instance, the buy-in on week one for the low could be $5.50, before the second week sees is raise to $11. This will also be the case for the higher buy-ins too.

As well as these tournaments, there will also be daily competitions taking place while the Stadium Series is going on. The winners and highest placed players from these competitions will go through to a final that will take place over the weekend. The Stadium Series concept is one that will immediately attract players as there will experts such as Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan onboard to commentate and give their analysis on the action that is taking place.

Online Casino Changing The Game During Lockdown

PokerStars’ announcement will be a welcome sight for gamblers during lockdown, with more players being drawn to the casino over the past couple of months. Many of the casinos around the world are beginning to open their doors to the adoring public, but the announcement of this Stadium Series event means that it is unlikely that the online casino world is going to be too badly affected. Gamblers will also be thrilled that there is the upcoming WSOP Online event, which brings together GGPoker and PartyPoker.

However, one state that isn’t returning back to normal just yet is Massachusetts as they revealed that while the casinos may be re-opening, there will not be any poker taking place just yet. It was revealed that casinos will be able to re-open their doors, but there will be a number of guidelines that must be followed in order to maintain the measures that have been implemented due to COVID-19. One of the changes that have been made will ensure that gamblers will not be able to handle thir own beverages while they are in the casino.