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Huge Site In The United Kingdom Stop Live Poker

Genting Galfond AI Poker

There was a shock for players of online poker in the United Kingdom this week, as it was revealed that Genting had stopped allowing their players to play live poker. The announcement was huge news for poker fans in the UK, with many fans of casino games having accounts with Genting. The site is one of the most popular in the country, but no longer will players be able to play their favourite live poker games.

The news was broke on PokerNews, as they spoke to an employee that worked at the casino in Birmingham. It is believed that the loss of the live poker section is down to the number of job cuts that have been made due to the coronavirus pandemic. The report indicated that 98 people would be losing their jobs from the Genting casino.

More Announcements Expected

The recent news comes just after it was revealed that Genting would be making further changes to their casinos, as they revealed that at least three of them would be closing down. The three that were closing down were reportedly Torquay, Bristol and Margate. These casinos closing down means that there are only 29 casinos remaining in the country. The announcements come as the casino look to react to the effect that the pandemic has had on their industry.

Fans of poker will also be disappointed that the recent decision to end live poker operations will mean that the Genting Poker Series has now come to an end. The event has been a player-favourite throughout its run. The GPS made its debut in 2012,as players were delighted that they were able to enter the competition due to the low buy-in prices.

The buy-in for the event was typically £440. Over recent years the popularity of the event has took a hit over recent years as the buy-in has increased. The events popularity has been shown as decreasing because of the low attendances that have been involved in the last event. GPS’ final event saw 397 people enter, with a total amount of £26,966 up for grabs.

Spanish Sites Return To Poker World

While there are a number of poker sites that have been hit hard by the pandemic in the United Kingdom, it would seem Spanish players will be delighted that a number of the leading sites have been reintroduced to fans. There had been a blackout for over two months in Spain, but now sites such as Poker Red have re-opened their doors to the adoring fans.

The government made the decision to have a blackout as they wanted to curb people that were stuck at home from betting. Sites such as Poker10 and PokerListings were forced to close their doors for the foreseeable future. The decision meant that fans of poker and other casino games were unable to get their fix. However, the recent overturn of this decision would be a delight for fans.

Spanish fans will be able to look at the best casino sites available in the country right here.