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Casinos Around The United States Begin To Re-open Following Coronavirus Pandemic

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It has been a long wait for poker players around the United States of America. However, that wait has finally came to an end over the past week or so as many casinos began to re-open their doors for the adoring public. There are some regulations in place to ensure that there isn’t an increased chance of catching the virus at casinos, but it does present gamblers will the chance to play their favourite games.

One of the first cities to open their casino doors was Las Vegas, with many of the biggest casinos opening their poker rooms on Thursday. Among the casino rooms that opened their doors were South Point and Orleans. However, there was still some disappoint for a number of players, as the number of players able to play poker were reduced.

Number Of Players Allowed

All games were only fourhanded, which meant that queues for games were huge. That maximum number of players was increased towards the end of the week, with Orleans and South Point both allowing a maximum of five players per table. There was some confusion surrounding this decision, but it is highly unlikely that the casino did it without consulting the relevant officials.

The number of players in attendance was one of the measures put in place, while players were also required to wear facemasks. However, this was not compulsory. Many players opted against wearing the masks, as pictures on social media showed just half of the players in attendance wearing masks. As well as that, the temperatures of players were also checked as they entered the casino, with those players with a high temperature turned away. The reason for this is down to high temperature being a symptom of COVID-19.

Other United States Casinos Begin To Re-Open

It wasn’t just in Vegas where the casinos began to re-open, as that was also the case in Pennsylvania. The decision was revealed by the PGCB last week, with the casinos opening their doors to the public on the 5th June. Some casinos chose not to open on that planned date however, and instead would open their doors for the first time since March later this week. The casinos in this state will also operate using the same tracing as there is in Vegas. That includes the use of infrared cameras and temperature checks on all visitors.

These two methods will cut down the risk of somebody entering the casino with common COVID-19 symptoms. As well as those methods, staff that are working in the casino will also be required to wear face masks and protective equipment. All of these factors are believed to have a positive effect of tracing those that could have the deadly virus, while the measures in place will also minimalize the chance of people in the state getting the virus while at the casino.

Many players will still prefer to get their gaming fix online at present, and they can find the best in the industry right here.