Jon Spinks Wins More than $3 Million with Online Poker

Job Spinks

One poker player who definitely took advantage of how easy it is to play online from just about everywhere around us, was Jon Spinks. The man has made in total over $3 million, and not through toiling in an office or on a site somewhere, but rather from relaxing in his house and navigating the online poker world. He truly has cracked the code to one of the best jobs in the world.

Spinks officially hit past the $3 million mark when he pushed his way up to the top at a Powerfest Event. However you aren’t likely to be competing with Mr Spinks, you were far more likely to have run into his alter ego EMSBas while playing online recently. Although to be fair the winnings at this particular event were only a mere $845, however, this was the slight nudge that catapulted him out of the $3 million pool.

More on the Winnings of the Mysterious Mr. Spinks

He won a lot more recently at a partypoker championship during early January this year, a total of $20 000 to be exact. The British player has been ranked as number 55 on the list for winningest players, which in other words are players whose winnings are something to be marveled at. However, this money man will not be at any of your high roller games anytime soon.

No, this player prefers to be in the mid-stakes games and most of the time will not rake in the dough. His typical earnings range in the hundreds and there is always the shot that he may win a couple of thousands of dollars. There is more to the elusive Mr. Spinks than his enviable amassed earnings, indeed, Jon Spinks has won the online Triple Crown on two separate occasions.

In addition, he has on several occasions managed to win a six-figure prize. In other poker related achievements, he has made it to the final tables of the WSOP twice, he finished fourth place at the WSOP Seven Card Stud games for a total of $35 000 and at the $1,500 No Limit Shootout he managed to pull in a massive win of $108 000.

Jon Spinks has been noticed by the Hedon Mob and has been listed as having managed to rake in upwards of $1 million in prize money while playing live poker. With all of this information and seeing how well it has turned out for him, doesn’t it make you think that it’s time to leave the day job and begin playing online poker?