Asian Poker Tour Joins Up with Newly Released GPI China


Global Poker Index China Website has just been unveiled and the Hong Kong Players Association has decided to become the official streaming partner for the Asian Poker Tour. Recently, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced a tariff on the imports of steel and aluminium into the USA. This action signalled that the USA, a major consumer of foreign steel and aluminium will be actively working to use local productions over imports and therefore, there was the requisite pandemonium in China as well as throughout the globe.

The news was so upsetting that Poker Stars Randy Lew and Celina Lin’s engagement went off in an unplanned fashion, apparently Randy was so distraught that he pawned the real ring before proposing and instead slid a cheap version onto Celina’s finger instead. To top it all off, China opted to slip from the Global Poker Index or GPI. And while the minister for Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Mr. Wang Yi has pledged to the media that they will receive full explanation and direction of the government it seems that the matters have been taken out of China’s hands.

Mediarex Sports Culture Ltd (Beijing) and Mediarex Sports & Entertainment (Malta), the two companies feel that if China was to have a separate GPI to the rest of the world, which would be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Hence, the GPIC or Global Poker Index in China came into existence. This comes after the fact that the Chengdu Pandas emerged triumphant out of the Global Poker League China (GPLC), where the team obliterated the Hong Kong Treasure Ships while in the competition.

Why GPI Poker and China Split Ways

The official reason for China choosing to leave the GPI was due to the high volume of players from the previous events who felt that things would be greatly improved if China had their own GPI. The new league for poker encompasses many locations in China, including the Greater China Region, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Quan Zhou has been highlighted by the GPIC as being the main and most notable player of the year for 2017, he had the victory of earning a total of three sets of six-figure prize money earnings during this time. Zang has continued to press on and is slowly becoming a force t be reckoned with thanks to his play style. Zhang has mostly been finishing up his tournaments of the year by winning several six-figure